As a child, during the long and dark winters of Denmark, I was often found with my nose pressed flat against the exclusive shop windows of inner Copenhagen. Not because of the items on display, but because of the brilliant colors and bright lights. Inadvertently, the colors came to represent my fairytale universe.


       Ten years later, as a professional draftsman I decided to move to the United States and study art and architecture, which is basically functional art. In 1979, I graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Architecture, a five year program at the University of Houston. After practicing architecture both in the US and Denmark, related avenues began to present themselves resulting in the opening of a Fine Art and Design Gallery that featured local and regional artists in Eureka Springs, AR. In the constant pursuit of products by gifted artisans for gallery inventory I came across an artist colony in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel was like revisiting my fairytale universe of colors which resulted in a one year sabbatical to this location where I

had my first solo shows in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende.


       Eventually life circumstances brought me back to Denmark where I as a free lance artist created interactive murals in institutions with a variety of groups such as developmentally handicapped patients, geriatrics and refugees in a Red Cross refugee center.


       For the past decade, my  studio has been nestled in the woods of the Northwest corner of SC. In 2012, I was elected "South Carolina Artist of the Year" by Tosca Magazine of the twin cities. My most recent work is inspired by the breathtaking scenery of mountains and streams, as well as by the multitude of environments imbedded in my heart and soul from around the world. Much of my work is available at Gallery Main & Maxwell, 210 Main St,  Greenville, S.C.


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